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Sheep spit and avocados: Two weeks of guest blogigng at Scientopia on plant-herbivore interactions

I am honored to join Scientopia for the next two weeks as a Guest Blogger! I’ve decided to devote my two-week tenure exploring plant-herbivore interactions (past and present) given that I’m thinking a lot these days about ecological anachronisms and how well large-fruited trees will be able to cope with climate change at my new postdoc fellowship. I’ll make sure to update this page with links to my posts as they come out. Topics will vary widely, and will include bison wallows, avocados and other seeds with Megafaunal Dispersal Syndrome (a tasty, tasty syndrome!), passenger pigeons, sheep spit, and, of course, mammoth poop.

Mammoths, acacia, and breadfruit, oh my!

Where the buffalo roam, wallows will follow

Forgotten fruit: Or, megafaunal dispersal syndrome and the case of the missing herbivores

Fossils of insect-damaged leaves reveal clues about how plants may respond to future global change

P.S. I’ll be going to ScienceOnline 2013! The awesome Hillary Rosner and I will be leading a session on How much “I” is TMI?, on the line between the personal and the professional in online interactions and communication. You can check out the program here, and there are still two registration times left!

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