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Honor Ada Lovelace Day with a contribution to a science classroom in need

Ada Lovelace in 2D Goggles, Or, The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage.

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Today, we honor women in science, technology, engineering, and math, in the hopes of increasing visibility and diversity in the STEM fields. This year, Ada Lovelace Day lands in the beginning of the Donors Choose Science Bloggers for Students Challenge, where science bloggers raise funds to put much-needed science supplies in classrooms across the country. What better way to honor your favorite women in science than by making sure that girls in math and science classrooms today have the hands-on experiences they need to become passionate about science?

Please support our efforts by checking out my giving page and donating to a project of your choice – I’ve highlighted a couple, or you can pick one of your own. In Rural School Needs Microscopes, a rural Louisiana middle school teacher is trying to bring the very first every microscopes to her students. In Safety in the Lab, Ms.

These projects only have a limited time to be funded, so don’t wait until the next ice age to make a donation! Today, consider making a donation in the name of a woman in science who mentored, inspired, or led the way for you to find your love of science, whether you practice science in a lab coat or an armchair.

Last year, The Contemplative Mammoth (my blog) helped fund seven projects, raising $784 to bring supplies like microscopes and safety gear to classrooms. I’d like to double that this year!

(Note: I have no conflicts of interest to disclaim with these donations. I receive nothing from Donors Choose except lovely hand-drawn thank-you notes and updates from the classrooms, as well as general feelings of awesomeness).

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